At Alice Mobile Blinds, we want to ensure the best fit for your new window treatments. We have compiled some simple guidelines to correctly measure your windows for custom blinds and curtains.
Follow the instructions below to easily measure your window space. Then contact us to discuss the range of window treatments available to suit your needs.

The Correct Way to Measure

1. Measure the width and height inside of the window cavity (also known as the reveal space). Take measurements in mm only.
2. Choose whether you would like your window treatment to be fixed inside the cavity (reveal fix) or outside the space (face fix). We have allowances of 50mm (minimum) either side and above the face.
3. If you choose face fix, ensure there are no obstructions within 300mm above or either side to the blinds. This includes air-conditioners, shelving or wall-mounted remotes (light switches are okay).
When measuring around sliding doors, ensure there are no handles or other obstructions protruding more than 30mm from the wall.
To guarantee the most accurate measurements, we recommend calling Alice Mobile Blinds to do it for you. This provides you the peace of mind that is has been done correctly, ensuring a seamless fit.